How to write a bio and artist’s statement

Artists will have to submit a short bio (150 words or less) and an artist’s statement (500 words or less) as part of their application for the Yukon Prize.  For some people, this may be an intimidating process.  To make it easier, here are a few tips, drawn from a recent webinar by Katie Newman, Curator at Arts Underground in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Tips for the artist’s statement:

  • The artists statement helps you clarify what you are doing
  • It helps your viewer to connect with your art – it describes what you make, how you make it and why you make it
  • It should be easy to understand

Tips for the short bio:

  • A bio is not a CV
  • A bio is a couple of paragraphs, reflecting where you are in your artistic career now
  • It should show how your life experiences and events have influenced your art
  • It should be accurate and honest

Some helpful resources on how to write your bio or artist’s statement: